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    Well snap, we've got a little snag at Hedgehog. Read the Full Story HERE.

    Last Updated: May 25th, 2023

    Hello friends, customers and visitors. Unfortunately we have a setback that is going to disrupt operations for the foreseeable future. Long story short: the industrial complex where we rent a building was sold to a new owner and we are not going to be able to renew our lease.

    I say with a heavy heart that I don't know if we will be able to bounce back from this. I am looking for new workshops every day but thus far have not found a suitable location. The plan for now is to move everything into storage and hope to emerge again when the right industrial space becomes available in our town. I am optimistic this could happen, but I am realistic that it might not. Whatever happens, I will keep everyone posted at this page as a direction takes shape in the coming months.

    THANK YOU to all of our loyal customers who have made this business possible. I have enjoyed many years of working with my hands to design and build these sheaths, and have never taken for granted the fact that you are so excited to purchase and rely upon our products. I feel lucky to have had this opportunity in my lifetime, and I owe that to each of you. This has been such an honor and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I am also extremely grateful to Rob V, my friend and long time craftsman at Hedgehog. When you see me write "we" anywhere on this site, I'm mainly referring to Rob. He is insanely skilled with his hands, incredibly wise, and equally hilarious. Thank you Rob for so many years of working shoulder to shoulder, and for many laughs through a great chapter of life. This could never have happened without you.

    Other housekeeping items: All orders will be shipped before our equipment goes into storage. Currently we are working on a few dozen sheaths that will be done and shipped in the next few weeks. Spare Fire Starters and Leather Conditioner will continue to be sold until we run out of stock. I will continue to collect contact info from anyone who is interested in our products, so if you're not already on my email list, be sure to sign up below. If there is an upturn in our fortune, you'll be hearing from me!

    I will keep my fingers crossed for a resolution. Until then, I will remain positive and I am wishing everyone the best of health and adventure. Thank you again! -Paul